Work Ethics

We follow very real work ethics at R³, and think that our culture is pretty unique – in fact we only ever recruit similar-thinking people who can think creatively around problems rather than dictate to our clients how they should work.

We want to maintain our difference from the other recruitment agencies out there, and we are constantly striving to raise our game. From day one we have prided ourselves on living and breathing a new mentality into the recruitment world.

So how exactly are we different? Well, we won’t hide in our office and not return your calls, we will answer all applicants within 48 hours of receiving your CV, and our Directors are available out-of-hours and the weekend if needed. We believe that this is what customer service should be about! And for clients, we will agree fees and a service level agreement before starting work on a project, rather than broaching this subject once you have an invoice on your desk! (Sound familiar?)

We believe so strongly in our work ethics that we have laid them down in writing

  1. We will be honest in our dealings with clients and candidates
  2. We will carry out our business with integrity at all times
  3. Our passion for what we do will shine through and reflect in our work
  4. We will provide the flexibility to deliver solutions based around our clients’ needs rather than our own.

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