Anna Hunter, People Team Advisor – GHD

“When I initially contacted Jodie she was very enthusiastic about the roles and was confident she would be able to source us some candidates. Within only a few hours she was sending CV’s to us with some strong candidates. We took almost all through first stage and the 2 we have offered to are fantastic candidates with a real passion for our brand and the role.

The Recruiting Manager has been a bit difficult changing the recruitment process at the last minute but Jodie has dealt with it all wonderfully helping me along the way. She is on the ball with everything providing me with information even before I have requested it and keeping the process moving. I have every confidence that she will be able to source further candidates in both temporary and permanent positions for us in the future.

The Recruiting Manager has been very pleased with everything Jodie has done and has already requested that any further roles (temporary and permanent) go directly to her.”

Anna Hunter, People Team Advisor – GHD

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